Exceptional glossy finish

The Semilac Top No Wipe HEMA Free provides an exceptional, glossy finish for your manicure with just one coat. This UV gel polish top coat gives a shiny finish to your manicure without having a dispersion layer. It doesn't require wiping it with a Cleaner making your manicure even faster. It's easy to use, and like any other top coat, it protects your nails and ensures the durability of your UV gel manicure for up to 21 days.

Make a green choice! This top coat is vegan meaning it doesn't contain any animal-derived ingredients.

HEMA-FREE formula – an excellent choice for those with particularly sensitive nail plate that is prone to allergies and skin problems. In Semilac HEMA free, we replaced hema and di-hema with different ingredients having the same properties and effectiveness but minimizing the risk of irritations.

12,99 € tax incl.

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