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Semilac HEMA Free base coat is a perfect solution for people highly sensitive to HEMA and Di-HEMA.

This Base Coat has self-levelling properties and makes it possible to do overlay and extend the nail plate.

Density 3,5/5

Semilac Base Coat HEMA Free helps you build a perfect nail shape. Its medium-thick texture and it is easy to work with. The hard structure helps to prevent your delicate nails from breaking.

This base coat was tested by a dermatologist.

  • SPECIALISATION: HEMA Free formula, nail building and nail extension up to 5 mm
  • Long-lasting effect for up to 21 days.
UV LED 12 W lamp – 60 sec
UV LED 24W/36 lamp – 30 sec
UV LED 24W/48 W lamp – 30 sec
Diamond UV LED 24W/48 lamp – 30 sec
Diamond UV LED 36W/54 lamp – 30 sec

9,09 € tax incl.


12,99 € tax incl.


    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Please read the directions for use carefully.
    • Avoid contact with the skin.
    • Avoid contact with the eyes.
    • Avoid direct inhalation.
    • Cure under a UV/LED lamp.

    Do not use if any changes on the nail plate and around the nail plate, including: onychomycosis and periungual fungus, paronychia, yeast within the treatment area, periungual and subungual warts, nail psoriasis - Detachment of the nail plate (onycholysis) - Inflammatory or allergic conditions - Injuries, infections of the nails and their surroundings - Injuries within the treatment area - Irritation of the cuticles and the nail plate caused during the classic manicure, e.g. cutting cuticles - Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the product

    For more precautions, advices and user guide please click this link

    For application and video tutorial please click this link


    Bis-HEA Poly(1,4-Butanediol)-9/IPDI Copolymer, Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, Isobornyl Methacrylate, Bis-HEMA Polyneopentyl Glycol Adipate/IPDI Copolymer, Methacryloylethyl Phosphate, Ethyl Trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphinate, Trimethylolpropane Trimethacrylate, Silica, BHT, p-hydroxyanisole, Hydroquinone.

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