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Semilac Acetone is a high-quality cosmetic acetone for removing Semilac gel polish.

Below you can find out what is cosmetic acetone and what it is used for.

Semilac High Quality Cosmetic Acetone has a dermatological testing certificate

Acetone - what is this product?

Semilac cosmetic acetone is a high-quality liquid for removing hybrid nails (gel polish). So it will come in handy when your stylization needs to be removed. Importantly, cosmetic acetone will not get rid of the hybrid varnish in the same way as you can wash off a classic manicure with standard varnish remover. In order for cosmetic acetone to effectively remove Semilac hybrid varnish, you must follow certain rules. How to remove a hybrid manicure with acetone? You will find the answer below.

Acetone - how to use it?

As you could find out earlier, the use of cosmetic acetone is the removal of gel nail polish. Do you want to know a method that will allow you to remove gel polish with acetone?

In addition to acetone, it is worth having on hand:

- nail buffer ( sanding block)  or a file with a gradation of 180/240,
- hybrid manicure removal foils - Semilac Remover Wraps,
pusher or wooden stick.

Where to start? First you need to gently file the top layer with a polishing block or a file. Use the cotton pads or use Semilac remover wraps and soak it with acetone. After soaking the cotton pad in the cosmetic acetone, you need to wrap each nail plate with foil. Then leave the nails wrapped in foil for about 10-15 minutes. After this time, unfold the foils and proceed to remove the remains of the gel polish with a pusher/wooden sticks.

Which acetone capacity to choose?

Are you wondering which product capacity will be right for you? Our offer includes 4 different acetone capacities for hybrids.

A small bottle of Semilac acetone for those who just starting with gel polish nails or do the gel polish nails very rarely.

Cosmetic acetone with a capacity of 125 ml is the size that you should have in your collection. A handy bottle will be perfect both at home and in a small manicure salon.

Do you do a manicure quite often and you want a product that will be enough for many nail styles? Get acetone for nails with a capacity of 500 ml.

Large cosmetic acetone is a perfect solution for a manicure salons. The largest capacity of acetone for hybrids - 1000 ml is enough to pull off the hybrid for many customers. Bet on Semilac high quality cosmetic acetone

Acetone - what else should you know?

It is extremely important to properly remove the gel polish. Gel polish should not be removed using a pusher to strong, as it damages the natural nail plate and may cause its hypersensitivity. If you want to get rid of the old gel polish mass, we strongly recommend using cosmetic acetone. However, remember that acetone for Semilac gel polishes is a flammable product that cannot be exposed to high temperatures. So pay attention to its proper storage.

We are sure that the information on cosmetic acetone for hybrid nails will be useful when performing a gel polish manicure.

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  • Semilac High Quality Cosmetic Acetone has a dermatological testing certificate

  • Ingredients: Acetone.

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