Semilac Flash Galaxy Silver&Rosa 668 - a space-time region that due to gravity leaves nothing but violet-pink color. The golden glow marks the border without return. Be careful that the Semilac Flash Galaxy colorful hole has not engulfed us forever! Be careful - Semilac powder can drag!

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  • Semilac Flash Galaxy powder - let's be surprised!

    Powder from the new Semilac Collection - Flash Galaxy can really surprise you with the power of light and the multitude of possibilities for styling. It is colorful, shiny and exceptionally easy to apply. In addition, different effects can be achieved, depending on the undercoat and the layer thickness. The only restriction will be your imagination!

    Semilac powder – how to use?

    Semilac Flash Galaxy pollen is a unique product in our portfolio. They are very easy to apply and can be used on many products. This is possible because Semilac powder  from the Galaxy collection can be applied to products with and without dispersion layer. However, the most beautiful effect of the Galaxy, will be combination of Semilac Flash on the Black Semilac Black Diamond 031 gel polish.

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