Introducing our BESTSELLER, now in an enhanced formula!

Vitamin+ 10in1 is a conditioner that will restore a healthy shine to your nails in the blink of an eye. The formula has been developed to provide comprehensive regeneration of damaged nails in the shortest time possible. Packed with a powerhouse blend of vitamins E, C, and F, alongside essential minerals like silicon and calcium, Vitamin+ 10in1 is your secret weapon against lackluster nails. Their task is to supplement the deficiency of nutrients to make the nails stronger, less brittle, and stop splitting. The product also helps to smooth the nail plate, strengthen the nails, and give them a beautiful shine.  

As the conditioner works its magic, the nails are healthier, which not only makes them look better but also improves the durability of both UV gel and traditional manicures. 

Try the conditioner now! Elevate your nail care routin and enhance the care effect by using other Semilac care products, such as cuticle and nail oils or moisturizing creams. 


5,20 € tax incl.

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