SILK-  Autumn/Winter collection.

This product pack contain 1x 464, 1x 465, 1x 466, 1x 467, 1x 468, 1x 469+ FREE color tips  (swatch) for each color.

Silk effect is a new UV gel nail polish that combines two features - it creates
a wonderful silky shine with the help of a magnetic tool, and when applied alone,
it gives the effect of shimmering, intense glitter dust.

Our novelty is inspired by the leading trend of this season, which is wrapping oneself in silk that contrasts with the thickness of autumn sweaters.

Wrap yourself in silk and take care of your well-being,
not just by watching Netflix in a satin pajama.

Regardless of how you use them, these UV gel polishes create
a beautiful and elegant effect that you must try.
The color palette is timeless classic, an absolute must-have in every manicure enthusiast's collection.

Feel silk effect on your nails!

Give your manicure a precious finish.

Let your nails capture attention and delight on every step.

Hurry! Only a few remain.

62,13 € tax incl.


65,40 € tax incl.

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