Looking for a quick, salon quality nails? Do you love dark red colors? Try Semilac One Step Gel Polish S575 - Dark Red. We used  burgundt in the background to design this fantastic red color. It will be your best friend when it comes to Christmas nails. And the advantage of 3in1 properties ( Base, Color , Top coat ) of this Gel Polish will reduce the time of making new mani set!

This is 3in1 Gel Polish product - it is Base, Color and Top coat all in one bottle.

We recommend applying 3 thin layers of the product.


Looking for a long lasting nails that you can quick do in the comfort of your home? Especially for you, we have created a product with which starting with hybrid nails will be child's play.

The Semilac One Step Hybrid varnish does not require the use of a base or top. One product is enough, thanks to which you can do the manicure quickly, easily and pleasantly!

Product highlights:

- does not require the use of a base and top coat

- the varnish is easy and quick to remove by soak off

- beautiful color and shine

- nails are strengthened during wear, which allows you to grow nails

- perfect designed formula to reduce nail chipping and increase product lasting 

If this is your first time with gel polish manicure. Before using the marker, check out our YT channel for Video tutorial how to do gel polish nails using Semilac One Step product. Correct application of the product is the key to beautiful styling.

13,99 € tax incl.

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