It’s a rich recipe of ingredients of natural origin. The unique formula based on a composition of precious oils shows strong nourishing and moisturising properties. The cuticles become more elastic and moisturised. The handy pipette makes it easier to dispense the product, and the refreshingly citrus fragrance note gives it a beautiful, long-lasting scent. The oil works great as the last step of a professional manicure, as well as everyday home care.

A mixture of evening primrose oils, jojoba and vitamin E will moisturize dry, matte nail plate and regenerate cracked cuticles around the nails.


Apply 1–2 drops to each nail and massage the oil into the cuticles and the general vicinity of the nail bed. Apply the oil every day for best results.

TIP: Apply from the inner side of the nail plate, onto part of the free edge for better results.

9,99 € tax incl.

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