New 012 BREATHable TECHnology 7 ml View larger

Classic Nail Polish shade of coffee with milk with embedded shimmering dust will appeal to every lover of coffee notes, and your nails will thank you for the nourishing and breathable formula.

The combination of intense color with the BREATHable TECHnology formula that nourishes your nails, creating a water and oxygen-permeable layer on the nails, is a solution worth using. The breathable formula enriched with ingredients such as quartz, pistachio tree resin and magnesium, zinc and manganese intensively revitalizes your nail plate, increasing its resistance to damage and providing an immediate nourishing effect.

Remember to finish the styling with our iconic 2in1 Hard & Glossy Base/Top. It will provide a beautiful shine without scratches, unsightly streaks and chipping

6,99 € tax incl.

  • Apply a thin layer of varnish directly to the nail plate and wait until it dries completely. To achieve a satisfactory effect, you can repeat the action.

    In order to obtain better durability and beautiful shine, you can use Semilac Bazo/Top 2in1 for classic Hard & Glossy varnishes.