Semilac hybrid nails with 034 Mardi Gras

This is one of Semilac treasure! Magic mix of fuchsia and violet with the addition of a delicate neon. Try it! It will become your no.1 gel polish very quick.

Semilac 034 Mardi Gras will attracts everyone's attention. It is unique. Beautiful!

In most opinion, this Semilac gel polish shade is a color that is not boring and non-obvious. Two-three weeks with this color is a piece of cake, because it harmonizes with the light and seems a little different each time. Beautiful! Wearing this color is only limited by the growing of the nail plate.

034 Mardi Gras is irreplaceable in gel polish nail styling - expressiveness mixed with femininity, giving a truly unique combination!

Purple gel nail polishes take up a lot of space in the Semilac portfolio. We know that this color has the strength and ability to take control of women's hearts. Depending on the shade, you can have a delicate manicure, more expressive mani or classic elegant hybrid nails. What will you choose?

Semilac 034 Mardi Grass is a color  that must be in your collection without any question! and everyone around you will be asking about your nails.

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10,90 € tax incl.

  • Ingredients: Urethane Acrylate Oligomer, HEMA, Hydroxycy-clohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Phenyl Bis(2,4,6-trimethyl-benzoyI)-phosphine Oxide, (+/-) CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77510, CI 77289, CI 77492, CI 77266, CI 77742, CI 77019, CI 77891,CI 77499, CI 77861.

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