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Semilac stickers are a simple and effective way to change the style of your nails. Original, fashionable patterns in silver, inspired by a figures and flowers motifs, will give your nail styling an extraordinary character.

It can be applied in two ways. Since they are silver on one side and black on the reverse, you can choose which color you want to wear at the moment.


Water stickers are a great way to diversify your manicure, and they are very easy to use. The stickers are thin and carefully refined, and they do not tear.

1.Cut out the exact pattern you want.
2. Put the pattern on a cotton pad well moistened with water for a while (about 5-10 seconds) or dip the sticker in water (5-10 seconds) and then remove excess water with a cotton pad.
3.Carefully slide the sticker off the paper with, for example, a wooden stick and apply it to the dry / hardened varnish with the selected side of the sticker.
4.Press down and smooth the pattern, removing any excess air or water.
5. Secure everything with a top coat.

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