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Clear nail tips

Convenient box contains 120 pieces of various sizes of nail tips. Thanks to that it is really easy to fit them to all types and sizes of the nails plates.

Well-shaped tips are characterized by a flexible structure and a large pocket, which guarantees comfortable application of glue and, consequently, durability of the manicure.

You will fall in love with the simple and pleasant use of the product! It is enough to prepare the nail plate as standard, then put the glue in the place of the tips pocket and stick it directly to the natural nail.

Transparent nail tips - universal. You can paint them to any color you want - from bright and delicate colors to deep and dark.

For the application try Semilac Tips Glue 

You can also extend your  nail plate by using our UV building gels and nail extension forms

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  • USE
    STAGE 1 - Attaching the tips
    carefully apply Semilac nail glue to the pocket of the tips.
    then stick the tips to the nail from its edge upwards, pressing it for about 10 seconds - when sticking the tips, be careful not to create air bubbles.
    STAGE 2 - Shortening and filing the tips
    using a nail tip cutter, shorten the tips to the desired length to leave a 2-3 mm reserve;
    file the entire tip in such a way that the tips are aligned with the nail plate;
    then give the nails the right shape and length.
    STAGE 3 - Gel nail polish - first gel layer
    before applying the first layer of gel, the tips should be wiped with Semilac Nail Cleaner to remove potential dirt and dust formed during nail filing;

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