Our variety of nail decorations can inspire you to create something innovative. 

Decorating you nails could be a fantastic way to enrich your manicure and express yourself. Welcome in the colorful world, where only your imaginagion can stop you. There is no limit, no rules in your creations, just follow your intuition. Semilac always follows the hottest trends. We try to give you the best product that will meet your expectations. Discover incredible nail decorations that will add color to your life!

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Need some inspiration for your next manicure?

Since long time nail decorations are known in the beauty world. But they have never had that interest and so many followers like now. At the moment nearly every stylization has addition of small nail art or decoration. We have such a big choice of them so everyone will find something suitable. From really small pieces to somethig magnificent. If you have no idea how to paint your nails or how to create unique, eye catching manicure then nail decorations will definitely help you. Of course you can apply it as you need for only one nail or for all. These nail decorations will be suitable all year round so you don't need to be afraid that it's only seasonal. These small bits will give the expression to your manicure or add a bit of madness. Manicure with nail decorations can charm us and change the classic stylization. 

Why not to try Transfer Foil!

Not obvious, eye - catching effect that you will love from the first sight. Nail foils are nearly the easiest way to create unique look of your stylization. It can be applied to the entire nail or just to make shiny effects - the choice is yours. We recommend to use Transfer Foil Glue, that will help you to stick correctly foil to the nail. You can apply it on all gel polish colors and it can be finished with shiny or mat top. These both effects are incredible.

Big day ahead? You must get something special!

If you are looking for more fancy decorations you must see our jewelry decorations. Different shapes, colors and size of them gives you so many ways to create perfect stylization. Casual look requires more toned manicure then you can apply only one decoration on one nail. It will look really elegant and it will not be too mcuh. But if you have no limits then you can match and mix any decorations. We recommend to stick the little gems using Semilac Extend Base - this is really strong product that will make your stylization long-lasting.