Professional Manicure Table LED Lamp from Semilac Ireland

Perfectly illuminates the manicure table in any beauty salon.
The nail table lamp has a power of 9W and it is in a universal white color that will match any salon. The special construction consists of a stable base on which a movable shaft is instaled, on which a rotary arm with a light panel is mounted.

This construction allows convenient and quick adjustment of the distance and angle of light to the type of work performed.
The manicure table led lamp shaft with the lighting panel can also be detached from the base, thus gaining another lighting variant that will work when taking photos of stylization, when really good hand lighting is necessary.


Power: 9W
White color
Weight: 1.3 kg
Warranty: 2 years
Stem length: 43 cm
Arm length with light panel: 37 cm
Base diameter: 20 cm

Lamp with Type C electrical plug (Europlug)-  - UK travel adaptor plug included.

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More details

99,99 € tax incl.

  • Semilac Manicure Table LED Lamp

    This Semilac manicure table lamp is extremely easy to use. The touch display, in addition to the on / off switch, also has hot and cold symbols, thanks to which you can choose the warm or cool color of the incident light, and use the arrows to adjust its level, which can reach up to 5 degrees of intensity. With this solution, you can easily adjust the level of lighting to the treatment.

    The light that is in the movable head does not vibrate, and additionally it is slightly matted, which causes less harm to the eyes.
    The Semilac work lamp is also equipped with a USB port, which can be used as a phone charger.

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