Semilac Spider Gum you can do an infinite number of ideas for manicure stylization!

The gel is extremely efficient, and the dense formula with rubber structure, easily applied to the surface of the nail.
This is a great product for beginners or for those who are afraid of decorating with a brush. With Semilac Spider Gum, perfect lines and patterns can be a perfect idea for the nail art.! This is a fast and effective method for adding a truly phenomenal decoration to any manicure styling.

Semilac Spider Gum in black color is a real classic. Decorations made in black color emphasize the pattern and extract the depth of color from the nails. Use the black Semilac Spider Gum and let the imagination run wild. Each line made with this deep black will be a real work of art. 

When applying thicker lines of the product, we recommend doubling the curing time.

Semilac Spider Gum should be applied on the nails using a stick, brush or special nail art tool - Semilac Dooting Tool.

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  • Curing Time

    Lamp UV LED 24 W – 30 sec
    Lamp UV LED 36 W – 30 sec.
    Lamp UV LED 48/24 W – 30 sec.
    Lamp UV 36 W – 120 sec.

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