Semilac Queen's Look Eye Pencil - is a unique collection of eyeliners. A special formula makes the eye look intense in colors, thus emphasizing the whole make-up. The creamy consistency, which contains emollients, keeps the skin soft and allows easy distribution of the product.

Semilac Queen's Look Eye Pencil 03 Navy Blue - small, slightly luminous particles wrapped in navy blue. The perfect choice to add color to your everyday styling or to emphasize the look for the evening out.

Semilac Queen's Look Pencil Eye Crayons can be used on the top or bottom lash line, depending on individual preferences or styling.
The effect of the beautifully highlighted eye can be enjoyed for many hours without having to worry about smudging.
In addition, the pencils are waterproof, so the moisture does not threaten the true royal lines!

Our pencils are extended, and their rounded shape will allow for soft application on the eyelid.
Each of the Semilac Eye Pencil is equipped with a special sponge that will facilitate the strokes. The sponge ends with a sharpener that can be detached from the product. This will help you give the pencil a more sharp shape.
Everything needed to perform the perfect eye make-up has been closed in one product!

Hurry! Only a few remain.

4,42 € tax incl.


8,84 € tax incl.

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