This product pack contain 1x 470, 1x 471, 1x 472, 1x 473, 1x 474, 1x 475+ FREE color tips  (swatch) for each color.

SUNSET SOIRÉE collection captures the essence of summer evenings filled with radiant charm, joyful laughter, and endless possibilities. 

Inspired by the latest fashion trends from around the world, it will ensure that
your nails are always ready for the Trend Alert!

It consists of six wonderful shades that create a magical landscape
of day and night, providing full coverage with just one layer!

From the green hues of the morning matcha, through the brown-caramel
notes of the afternoon coffee, and the pink sunsets,
all the way to the navy blue evenings.

Discover the incredible aura of these colors.

For more please see product card of each color.

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