DAY&NIGHT-  Winter collection.

This product pack contain 1x 395, 1x 396, 1x 397, 1x 398, 1x 399 + FREE color tips  (swatch) for each color.

With this collection you have two effects in one style!   

Discover the new Day&Night effect  


What is the Day&Night effect?
It's the younger sister of the classic flash effect.  

What sets it apart from its predecessor?


With the classic flash effect, which you are already familiar with, the glitter speckle is visible not only in flash light, but also in day light. 


In the day&night effect, thanks to high color pigmentation and density,   

glitter dust hides among the deep color to come out,   

as soon as the evening lights flare up...  

Sound interesting?

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    Keep out of the reach of children. Please read the directions for use carefully. Avoid contact with skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not inhale product vapors directly. May cause an allergic reaction. Cure in a UV/LED lamp

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