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#Salon quality, no chipping and fast curing

#This Gel Polish will looks breathtaking on your nails with  Try it!

#Manicure with this color is recommended for everyday wear

#Characteristic: The original combination of pastel and neon color in shade of saturated, bright peach

#Full color coverage 

#Try to use gloves during house work to protect your beautiful nails :)

#If you are biting your nails - gel polish manicure can be solution for you, they might be to hard to bite them :)

#You can use a thin brush dipped in acetone to clean up gel polish excess from cuticles, but practice will definitely helps here :)

#Manicure will be stronger if you will apply thin layers vs one thick

#Secure the free edge of the nail, manicure will last longer

#Apply Manicure Oil or Lotion Around Cuticles

#To achieve maximum intesity of color, apply on the bright base coat


Whether you are surrounded by dwarfs or people, it's not worth to oversleep your life. Just around the corner fabulous adventures are waiting for you, gourmet treats and a knight on a horse that will steal you a kiss! Avoid apples, discipline some of your friends and go to the adventure!

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  • SEMILAC® UV hybrid gel polish combines the attributes of a UV gel and a nail polish. Advanced manufacturing technology of the SEMILAC® UV hybrid gel polish and specially selected and prepared pigments give it the ultimate, highest quality among all hybrid products.

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