Semilac Lady Brows - 02 Light Brown Eyebrow Gel

Semilac Lady Brows 02 Light Brown eyebrow gel is a proposal of a bright, warmer brown. This coloring will be suitable for women who has hair in a warm shades... red or brown.

Intensify and accentuate your eyebrows with this stone gray eyebrow mascara. It will sharpen your eyes and give you confidence.


The special gel consistency does not over weight the hair, preserving the feeling of lightness. The application is also easy due to a small brush, which makes our new product perfect for people who start their adventure with underlining eyebrows. Paraffin, which we have added to Semilac Lady Brows, protects against external factors and prolongs the durability of the cosmetic.

The brush makes it easy to apply and the formula is long-lasting, making sure your brows are on point for the whole day.

Hurry! Only a few remain.

8,99 € tax incl.