Achieve Perfection with Semilac: Tips to Work Like a PRO!

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Ready to elevate your nail game? Semilac Ireland is here to guide you through the seamless journey of gel nail polish application and removal, step by step.

Explore the world of Semilac Gel Polishes —the perfect solution for stunning, long-lasting nails! Whether you're new to gel polish or looking to refine your technique, our hybrids offer the ideal blend of durability and beauty.

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How to Apply Gel Polish with the Semilac Starter Kit

Correct application of gel polish is essential for achieving a beautiful and long-lasting manicure. Regular practice will help you master the technique!

UV Gel polish is designed to last up to 3 weeks. To ensure your nails are shiny and durable, follow these steps carefully. Remember, only practice makes perfect.

Steps for Gel Polish Application:

1. Prepare the Nail Plate: Gently push back the cuticles using a wooden stick or the Semilac pusher.
2. Shape the Nail: Use a quality Semilac nail file, such as the Harbor-Bridge file, to shape the nail edges.
3. Buff the Nail Plate: Smooth the nail surface using the Semilac Buffing Block.
4. Clean the Nail Plate: Wipe the nails thoroughly with Semilac Nail Cleaner to remove all dust and oils. Any residue can cause the varnish to chip.
5. Apply Primer (Optional): If you have experienced nail chipping before, apply Semilac Primer or Primer Acid-Free to enhance adhesion.
6. Apply Base Coat: Apply the UV gel polish base coat and cure it in the UV lamp.
7. Apply Color: Apply Semilac Gel Polish color in thin layers, curing each layer in the UV lamp. Depending on the color, you may need 2-3 layers or more for optimal coverage. Highly pigmented colors might require extended curing time.
8. Apply Top Coat: Apply the Gel Polish top coat. Top coats labeled 'No Wipe' do not need to be cleaned after curing. Standard top coats have a sticky layer that should be wiped off with a cotton pad soaked in Nail Cleaner.
9. Finish with Manicure Oil: Apply Semilac manicure oil to enhance the shine and hydrate the skin around your nails.

Getting Started with Gel Polish Nails?

Try the Semilac Starter Kit! For a detailed tutorial, watch the Semilac Gel Polish application video 

How to Remove (Soak Off) Gel Polish Nails with the Semilac Starter Kit

Follow these 5 easy steps to quickly and safely remove gel polish from your nails. Check out our video on gel polish removal for more details!

Steps for Gel Polish Removal:

1. Buff the Top Layer: Use a Semilac nail file or sanding buffer to gently polish the top layers of the gel polish.
2. Apply Remover Wraps: Use Semilac remover wraps soaked with Semilac remover liquid to cover the nails.
3. Remove Gel Residue: After soaking, gently remove the remaining gel polish from the nail plate using a wooden stick or pusher.
4. Shape the Nail: Finish shaping your nails softly using the Semilac sanding block.
5. Nourish Your Nails: Apply Semilac Vitamin 10in1 to strengthen and improve the condition of your nails or simply use Semilac manicure oil.

You can easily purchase a gel polish removal set that includes all the necessary products!

For a detailed demonstration, watch the Semilac Gel Polish Removal video tutorial.

What exactly is UV Gel Polish

First thing first! Let's find out what exactly is UV Gel Polish. UV Gel Polish is a hybrid of standard nail varnish and gel nails. When a nail plate is prepared correctly as well as varnish applied with Semilac guidance, it can last up to 21 days with perfect deep and shine color! It is one of the most popular types of manicure chosen in professional nail salon and trained home users. UV Gel Polish was designed to be cured in the UV nail lamp for long durability. UV Gel Polish system was invent to be used in 3 simple steps. 1. Gel Polish Base coat application, 2. Gel Polish Color and 3. UV Gel Polish Top Coat . But Semilac also designed innovative ALL IN ONE gel polish which contain all the above 3 features in one product - Semilac One Step Hybrid 3in1 - This product was created for easy home use. Try it!