Quick strong long nails? try Semilac Builder Base - Extend 5in1

Hybrid gel, which are at the same time, base coat, color and gel polish top coat. It also allow you to extend nail plate on the form up to 1 cm and do the overlay nails. One product - many uses. What's more! It is still soak off formula. Check out all colors of this innovative product!

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Semilac Builder Base

Imagine your nails getting a superhero upgrade with Semilac BUILDER BASES nails! It's like adding a secret armor to your natural nails, boosting them with strength and resilience. With Semilac BUILDER BASES, your nails transform into sleek, durable masterpieces that effortlessly conquer any style challenge. It's the ultimate fusion of style and substance, giving you the power to rock your favorite looks with confidence and flair.

So, whether you're slaying the day with a bold statement or simply embracing your natural beauty, Semilac BUILDER BASES nails have got you covered, ensuring your nails are always ready for action!

What exactly is Semilac Extend 5in1?

5in1 hybrid varnishes are an innovation that saves time and money! Why? This unique product contain 5 desirable properties. It is a 1. base, 2. color and 3. top coat at the same time! It allows you to do 4. overlay and 5. Extend nail plate up to 1 cm! From now on, you can make a perfect and durable gel polish manicure based on Semilac products even faster and easier.

What might be the best benefit for you? It cost nearly 50% less than standard gel polish base, top and color separatelly!

Our offer includes various of 5in1 hybrid varnish colors which open a completely new chapter in the history of hybrid manicure. Product used by professionals and trained home gel polish users. This product will be an ideal proposition for those who do not know exactly what base or top to choose to achieve a quality gel polish manicure.

Semilac 5in1 Bulder Base - when to use?

Semilac Extend 5in1 is primarily the possibility of creating a perfect gel nail polish styling based on one product! However, there are a few other benefits. Due to gel characteristic, this product can build up a broken or brittle nail plate. 

Yes, you can extend nail plate with Extend 5in1 & Semilac nail extension form, but you can still use this product for a short nails! see how beneficial it is to have this product. 

You can use Semilac Extend 5in1 in light pink or nude as a base for french nails.  Without the need to apply a base coat and color separately. Just finish your gel polish nails with any top from the Semilac offer. And ready!

What other uses can 5in1 hybrid varnishes have? If you are lack of standard gel polish base coat but you want to use other color than 5in1, just use it as a base layer, than apply color and Semilac gel polish top! Mani ready!

When your nail plate will be professionally prepared, you will be able to enjoy perfect gel polish nails for up to 21 days!

How to use Semilac Extend 5in1?

Are you interested in Semilac 5in1 but you are not sure if you will be able to use their power? It's easy with Semilac! We present step-by-step video tutorial, thanks to which 5in1 Builder Base will have no secrets for you!