We treat nails not only as part of our body that improves the general aesthetic look of women's hands. Nails are more and more often treated as the canvas on which real works of art are created. With the use of nail sculpture gel, you can even create special stylizations, impressing with their extraordinary uniqueness and originality. Sculpture gel Semilac products are special gels designed to perform 4D styling. Thanks to their unique properties you can create truly spectacular decorations  - they are very dense and stick well to the nail, keeping their shape, and they are also extremely plastic, so you shape whatever you want from them. 

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Check our creative nail sculpture gel!

Sculpture gel Semilac are structural gels with intense and deep colours, which is the result of very good pigmentation. They are highly plastic, so they can be used for creating spatial stylizations on nails. Until recently, such nails could only be seen on artistic fashion catwalks, but now raised decorations are chosen more and more frequently by customers who want to stand out during an important event. UV Sculpture gel is available in a wide range of colours. There is classic, universal white, intense yellow, noble violet, grass green, soft blue, chocolate brown and - of course -infernal red. 

Create 4D ornaments with sculpture gel Semilac

Nail Sculpture gel is supposed to be used as a complement to a hybrid or gel manicure. It is like plasticine - you can use it to create unique spatial decorations. How to do it professionally?

1. Form a small ball with the UV Sculpture gel

2. Give it an appropriate shape using a silicone brush moistened in the Semilac Nail Cleaner

3. Cure the effect under the uv lamp

That's all! We wish you a lot of creativity, courage, and original ideas.