Semilac Flash Aurora nail powder - charming and feminine!

Semilac Flash Aurora nail powder is a great proposition for unique nails. It is hihly recommended if you value ​​shimmer nails and you love to attract the attention of others. This is a sophisticated way to decorate a manicure that tempts and charms - for many days! Meet our new Semilac nail powder effect - Aurora. You can use it in various styles!

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Nail effect for professionals and home use

Semilac aurora powder nail effect turns your classic manicure into a beautiful aurora effect, with a metallic, almost mirror-like surface that reflects the light. You will be surprised by the depth of this effect and its uniqueness, it is really worth trying it on your nails. It will look even more attractive live. You don't need to be a qualified nail technician to handle its application. It's a great product for professionals as well as nail DIY. Try to do gel polish nails at home with Semilac Aurora effect. Below you will find step by step application guide.

How to apply powder effect on nails? Try it - it's easy!

Don't know how to apply Semilac aurora nail powder? We will help you - it's really easy! Prepare the nail plate for the manicure, apply the Semilac base on it and cure under UV LED lamp. Next, apply the Semilac gel polish color and also cure it in the lamp. Repeat this step to make color deeper..  Next step is to apply gel polish top coat without a dispersion layer (e.g. Semilac Top No Wipe *). Cure top coat in the lamp and than apply Semilac Flash Aurora Gold & Green nail powder or Semilac Flash Aurora Pink nail powder on the plate and rub it thoroughly with your fingertip, using Semilac Silicon Brush or SemiStick. After powder application, secure manicure again with top coat (remembering to protect the free edge) and cure it in the lamp. And the styling is ready!

* You can apply Semilac Flash Aurora nail powder directly on Black Diamond 031 color. This gel polish color has no dispersion layer (sticky layer) same like Top No Wipe. Therefore the application of Semilac Flash Aurora powder can be applied directly to the varnish.