Blooming nail effect - good idea for a quick nail art

Semilac Blooming Effect is a collection that you will love from the first use! Grat product range that allows you to create Blooming nail styling. To create blooming nail art you will need - Semilac Blooming Base White or Semilac Blooming Base Clear and Semilac dotting tool to distribute the product and create interesting nail designs. See part 2 below - how to use Semilac blooming effect.

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Blooming Nail Effect - Step By Step

Before you apply Semilac Blooming Effect on your nails, prepare the nail plate like before hybrid manicure.
Next, comes the Semilac Base, which we cure under the lamp. 

Apply the Blooming Effect base, white or clear and on not cured layer with Semilac dotting tool apply Semilac Blooming Effect and wait for the pattern to spill out itself or move the varnish using dotting tool and create your own designs.
After, cure it under the lamp.

The curing time depends on the power of the lamp. 
On the finished design, apply Semilac Top and cure it in the lamp.