Semilac neon effect is a breath of fresh air in nail styling. It is a collection of dusts which can be used for creating extremely expressive and eye-catching designs. It is also a proposal for brave women who like to stand out, who like experimenting or have just decided to make a crazy change. Neon effect Semilac is available in 6 different colours; each of them delights with its charm and intense depth. You can choose from sunny yellow, blood red, heavenly blue, juicy orange, vivid purple and more classic red. Semilac flash neon will turn your head!

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Neon effect Semilac in nail styling all year round

We often associate neon colours with summer, sun, beach, and tanned bodies. However, we can use them on nails all year round, if only make sure to properly combine them with other colours suitable for a given season. Nail neon effect in the summer is of course a must-try for every holiday queen. Neon powder will wonderfully emphasize a brown tan, they also go well with vivid and bold colours of your clothes. They stand out against a classic white top and denim shorts and harmonize with equally neon sneakers and sunglasses. In autumn, we suggest going for the yellow Semilac flash neon, which is one of the colours of this season. It perfectly suits bottle green and all the palette of brown tones. In winter, choose blue to create a stylization referring to the atmosphere of the Ice Queen. When spring arrives, the neon lights conquer the world again, for example complementing floral stylizations. 

How to use nail neon effect?

Semilac flash neon is applied on the dispersion layer, to make sure it sticks well to the nail plate. In addition, bright base layer will be a better choice, so it is worth trying nail neon effect on light beige hybrid varnish. For this styling, we need a special brush / applicator, also Semilac Pusher may come in handy. Finish the styling with top coat and your new mani is done!