Many people dream of beautiful and well-groomed nails. Of course, everyone has their own definition of beauty and likes different styles, colors and patterns, but still - everyone can agree that well-groomed nails are the basis. If you love unusual colors and effects, you will surely enjoy our solutions. Our assortment includes, for example, Semiflash nail powder effects that will bring a touch of crazy life to your manicure. 

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Semiflash powder - what colors do we offer?

Semiflash Chameleon nail powder is available in many different color versions, including green, yellow, purple, blue, pink and silver. All the powders are really visually attractive and look magnificent on the nail plate. An additional advantage of Semilac Semiflash products is that many of them give a holographic finish. Your nails can look different, depending on the angle at which you look at them.

Why is it worth using our products?

Semilac powder effects not only look beautiful on the nail plate, but above all they are really high quality. They stick to the nails for a really long time, so you do not have to worry that they will chip off. In addition, the Semilac powder effect are extremely easy to use - you just need to apply them to the painted nail plate. With such easy to use product you will be able to change your style like a chameleon - we're sure you'd love it!