SEMILAC FLASH GALAXY: eye-catching nail effect

Nail styling can turn a standard manicure into a real work of art. So if you prefer unusual effects instead of classic manicure, Semilac Flash Galax collection powders is definitely made for you. The cosmic particles are beautiful and unique. Try it

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Galaxy on your hands 

Semilac Galaxy effect collection are all about the galaxy for a reason. They are placed in durable packaging, with a crystal shape. Each of the shades is very impressive. Semilac Galaxy is divided into two groups. The first includes: Forrest & Blue, Gold & Green, Azure & Green, Ginger & Green and Silver & Rosa. These are more delicate particles. The second group includes styling products: Green & Purple, Purple & Rosa, Blue & Purple, and Brown & Gold. These are powders in darker, more vivid shades. You can determine for yourself how the effect will look on your hands.

Semilax Flash Galaxy: multiple styling options 

Nail powders from Semilac Flash Galaxy line allow you to create many nail art designs. No matter what shade of the "stardust" you choose, each manicure will look stunning. Colorful and glittery powders will let you create different effects, depending on the base color and thickness of the powder layer. Galaxy nail dust is easy to apply. It can be applied on Semilac nail polish. Apply a base coat, and gel polish color , than using SemiStick apply Galaxy powder nail effect. Once the nail design is prepared all you have to do is apply a top coat to secure maniicure. Your galactic manicure will last for a long time.