Gel manicure is as popular as a hybrid manicure. Gel styling is more durable and attractive due to hard gel structure after curing in LED Lamp. That is why a lot of beauty salon clients choose it. The key to a durable and perfect gel manicure are high quality top and base coats.

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Semilac UV gel top

Semilac, while preparing a base for gel nails, primarily made sure that the individual products are long lasting. Moreover, each UV gel base is a protection for the natural nail plate. And that is why the base products are so important in the process of creating a gel manicure. The purpose of each top coat is to increase the adhesion of the nail polish. Each UV gel top is efficient, so you only need to apply a thin layer. Afterwards, the nail polish is applied, and the nail plate is smoothed, shaped and lengthened. Before applying the base  coat you must prepare nail plate correctly. This includes preparing the cuticles, shaping the nails, polishing the nail plate and degreasing nails. A high quality base coat is applied on the thus prepared nail plate, and then the whole thing is curing using an UV lamp. 

Reliable UV gel base

Extremely durable high gloss UV gel base cures not only under UV light but also under LED light. It creates a reliable dispersion layer. Innovative Semilac base products can also be used to apply acrylic polish.  Good base coats let you enjoy a perfect manicure for several weeks. Equipped with such reliable products, you only need to remember about proper application. Hard base coats are safe for the nail plate and perfectly protect it for a long time.