It was never so easy to extend your nails!

Nail extensions were never so easy. Our top seller products: SemiHardi and Extend Base are designed to meet all your expectations. This innovative product was created for fast and easy application. Using those products you can achieve great results. Possibility of extending your nail, transparent color, thicker consistency that's the main advantages of these products.

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Your first nail extensions? You couldn't have chosen better!

Try Semilac Building Nail Gel to extend your nail plate!

If you suffer from weak nails, you have a problem with too small nail plate or maybe you are biting your nails? This product is dedicated for you. Quick and easy application will definitely not make you any problems. If your main problem is that your nails are weak, you can simply apply one or two coats of these products. You will feel that just after curing your nails will be harder straight away. Also you can overlay your nail plate just a bit and that will help you strengthen your nails. Broken nail? These products are solution for this problem. We don't like broken nails..using our building products in few easy steps you can repair your nail. All you need to have are shaper forms, and the method of extension is pretty the same like using building gels

Uv gel polish building are known as soft gels

SemiHardi and Extend Base have thicker consistency than standard gel polishes. It's handy in application as product stays in place. Using SemiHardi you can extend the nail plate up to 5mm and Extend Base allows you to extend nail plate up to 1cm. The difference between uv gel polish building and building gels is the method of removing those products. SemiHardi and Extend Base can be removed by soak off. They are so easy to apply and you don't need any professional gel brush for application. We recommend these products for beginners and professionals.