Semilac Manicure Easy Decor Gel

It is universal product, perfect for fashionable home nail art. Thanks to the appropriately dense consistency (it does not spread but it is smooth in handling, which ensures quick work) and strong pigmentation, it allows you to create a variety of nail designs of all levels of difficulty. You can use it to make event the smallest nail art details, french nails, baby boomer or geometric decorations. It is perfect for the flower techniques or sugar nails effect. It will be perfect to create wedding nail designs, beautiful ornaments and phenomenal lace.


- snow-white color

- medium-thick consistency

- self-leveling

- no dispersion layer


When making decorations, put the gel on the cured varnish, cure the gel in the lamp, secure it with any top coat  and cure the top coat in the lamp.


When making decorations, apply the gel on the cured top coat without a dispersion layer (top no wipe), sprinkle the uncured gel with acrylic powder or colored powder and cure in the lamp.

How is it different from other Semilac products:

- maximum snow-white shade slightly falling into blue (Semi Art White - a cool shade of white, White Cream Art - chalky, warmer white),

- moderately dense, easy to work consistency of oil paint (Semi Art White - dense texture, White Cream Art - very thick paste),

- self-leveling (Semi Art White - minimally levels, White Cream Art - does not level out itself),

- no dispersion layer (Semi Art White and White Cream Art have dispersion layer ).

Can it be combined with other products:

It is a gel compatible with other Semilac products, so it can be combined with all UV cured products of our brand (e.g. when used with semiarts, it allows you to create beautiful floral one-stroke stylizations).

What tools to use working with Easy Decor Gel

The tools that work great with this product are: in the case of a baby boomer / ombre - a makeup sponge, Semilac Expert 03 and 02 brushes will work with perfect lines, and in flower techniques such as one stroke or shading flowers, brushes No. 05 and 12 will be be the best.

More details

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8,99 € tax incl.

    UV LED 24 W lamp - 60 sec.
    Lamp UV LED 36 W - 30 sec.
    Lamp UV LED 48/24 W - 30-60 sec.
    UV lamp 36 W - 120 sec.

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